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Michael C. Brown Celebrated for Excellence in the Field of Publishing

Mr. Brown has served as the president and an aerial photographer of Visions in Photography, Inc. since 1997. In 2004 he produced a travel television program in Ireland titled Irish Living. It was sponsored by Guinness Brewery and was viewed in multiple markets in the U.S. His aerial photographs have appeared in multiple publications worldwide including Architectural Digest. Visions in Photography was twice named the Best Aerial Photography Company in Phoenix. Mr. Brown was recognized in his senior high school year in Hawaii in 1971 for a statewide 1st place finish in photography. And, that same year, a 2nd place finish in New York City for his black & white creative design photography submission. He became a photo editor for the school newspapers for one semester at Arizona State University and Mesa Community College.

In 2019 Mr. Brown established Lele Mai Publishing, LLC. Utilizing his personal mantra of “head in the clouds,” he authored a series of books including "Mr. B's Great Adventures: Head in the Arizona Clouds” and “Mr. B's Head in the San Diego Clouds,” which will soon be launched on iTunes and Instagram. Mr. B’s Great Adventures™ is an inspirational lifestyle brand for 3-8-year-old children and their parental figures. It promotes life skills, positive mindset, connection and community. The series offers a variety of activities and resources both online and offline that parents and children can enjoy alike. He also enjoys contributing to children his world travels with Mr. Helicopter one of the main characters in his book series.
He enjoys sharing children's attractions on his iTunes podcast series of global cities that Mr. B has visited. He is currently exploring the idea of having professional actors here in Phoenix, to be the character voices of his children's Podcast adventure city series.

The father of two daughters and a grandfather of two, he graduated from Radford High School in 1971 and studied at Arizona State University. He prides himself on being a creative, self-independent thinker and a self-motivated entrepreneur.

Looking toward the future, Mr. Brown intends to expand his company on a coast-to-coast level and write more books for his series.

Arizona Adventures

The first book in the Mr. B’s Great Adventure™ series, Mr. B’s Great Adventure™: Head In The Arizona Clouds was released by Lele Mai Publishing on April 7th 2020. Sharing the real-world adventures of travel, the diversity of the Arizona landscape, Mr. B’s Great Adventure™ inspires kids aged 3-8 years old to see life from a different perspective where all things are possible.

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Mr B and GrandDaughter

Mr. Michael Brown, aka Mr. B, is the inspiration and driving force behind Mr. B’s Great Adventure™. Through his lifetime of adventure all over the world as an aerial photographer, Mr. B has truly had the 30,000 foot perspective on life.

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A father of two and grandfather of one, this family man knows the importance of inspiring children at a young age to see the adventures in their everyday life while teaching life skills and building family bonds that will truly last a lifetime.

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July 29, 2022
Adventure #4 - Miami

Join Mr. B and Mr Helicopter as they visit the city of Miami. Join the adventure as they visit the Saw Grass Recreation Park, Jungle Island and finally the Miami Children´s Museum.

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July 22, 2022
Adventure #3 - New Orleans

Join Mr. B and Mr Helicopter as they visit the jewel of the South, New Orleans. Mr. B loves this city for it culture, attractions and its fabulous food. They visited the Audubo Zoo, had a wonderful time at Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World and they were so hungry afterward, they had some food at […]

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July 22, 2022
Adventure #2 - Boston

Join Mr. B and Mr Helicopter as they visit the historic city of Boston. There are so many cool places to see here. Join us on a visit to the Boston Museum of Science, the Boston Children´s Museum, New England Aquarium and a swan boat ride in the public gardens.

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July 22, 2022
Adventure #1 - Washington DC

Join Mr. B and Mr Helicopter on a visit to the National capitol, Washington DC. On their visit, they take in the National Zoo, the National History Museum and the Discovery Theatre

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Mr. B’s Great Adventures™ is an inspirational lifestyle brand for 3-8-year-old children and their parental figures. Promoting life skills, positive mindset, connection and community - Mr. B’s Great Adventures™ offers a variety of activities and resources both online and offline that both parents and kids can enjoy alike.

From how to enjoy big adventures like flying in an airplane for the first time to learning how to find the small adventures in everyday life, the Mr. B’s Great Adventures™ brand is dedicated to building up, encouraging, and creating secure family bonds no matter how a child’s home life may look.

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Some of the best ways to keep your head in the clouds are to collaborate with others. Here at Mr. B’s Great Adventures™ we love creating adventures with like-minded brands, events, media outlets, and of course our fellow adventure-seeking parents, grandparents, and kiddos.

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